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Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.We build more than just themes.We build user experience for both, you and your visitors. Our themes are great to look at, set up in minutes and easy to modify.

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Dimensions 70 × 90 × 100 cm
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Gray , Black , White

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    Highly recommended for both technical and non-technical users.
    Pricing and Availability
    ThoughtNET TextWorx is available in three editions: Personal, Professional and Business. All editions include an 18-month, full-featured (in-app) support.
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    Screenshooter is a simple command line utility that allows to convert screenshots from one graphic format to another. This utility has been written for a couple of reasons. One to convert the screenshot and another to see what you can

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    ⚫ Various system parameters available
    ⚫ Useful plugins
    ⚫ Unpolished
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    Asus has finally released an official software update to its Zenfone 2’s NFC (near field communication) sensors, enabling ZenFone 2 owners to use their smartphones as payment terminals.
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    [1/4] eXploit-Anti-Malware

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    Please review SevenZip

    Rating: +3 (from 14 votes)

    , published at 14:08 on Friday 04 February 2013
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    Softonic review by Hayfever Staff

    Softonic review by Hayfever Staff

    Software Information

    User Contributed Review

    Softonic review by Hayfever Staff

    Hard drive meter
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    Ruby on Rails Update an instance
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    ■ No support
    ■ Not a freeware

    Enhancement Manager (EM) is a fast and easy-to-use enhancement and extension manager for Palm OS. It allows you to easily manage the settings and configure your Palm device for Personal Business Applications such as a personal planner, appointment schedule, reminder list and others.
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    ArcSight MDX Security Plugin is a powerful arcSight MDX extension that allows security administrators to apply and enforce MDX queries and Logging statements by using a rich user interface that includes MDX syntax coloring and support for full-text queries. ArcSight MDX Security also simplifies monitoring and analysis of MDX queries and logging statements to analyze for compliance of policies and MDX security.
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